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    16 Times Khloé's Style On Instagram Made Us Say "Okurrr"

    Serving looks since 1984.

    1. When she celebrated another season of KUWTK with a DEEP v-neck:

    2. And when she rocked the good 'ol Canadian tuxedo from head to toe:

    3. When she brought back an updated version of all those tracksuits people wore in 2001:

    4. When she served revenge ice cold with this green satin dress:

    5. And when she got very matchy-matchy with her bae:

    6. And when she shopped her boyfriend's closet and completed her look with his jacket:

    7. When she made us go ~wild~ for leopard print and a high pony:

    8. When she bedazzled basically her WHOLE BODY and made the rest of us jealous of her existence:

    9. And when she absolutely KILLED us with this sheer blue top:

    10. When she made a basic black look anything but:

    11. When she was lookin' super cozy and casual on her bathroom sink, ya know, like you do:

    12. When wore this simple white dress and some killer heels to dinner:

    13. When she spiced up a low-key, everyday look:

    14. When she took a very ~casual~ mirror selfie and still looked bomb as hell in workout gear:

    15. When she LITERALLY BECAME BARBIE in this metallic top:

    16. And finally, when she paired a latex rubber bodysuit with sweats and super high heels because, duh, who wouldn't:

    Basically? Thank God for KoKo.