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17 Fintastic Steps To Having The Best Shark Week Get Together Ever

Get your Shark Week on in the sharkiest way possible.

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The best week of summer is coming sooner than you think. During Shark Week, our hearts pound in anticipation of the promise of awesome shark programming.

Here is everything you need to throw a sharkmazing party for our favorite shark-themed week... or maybe they're just some impulse buys to tide you over (no pun intended) until Shark Week begins. Either way.

1. Reel in your guests with the invitations.


Ok, so we hardly use real invitations for get togethers anymore. But this is a special occasion. It's Shark Week!

These invitations are in PDF form and can be downloaded via the PrintablePartiesAZ Etsy store. Check them out here.

2. Decide on a menu. You'll probably want an appetizer to start.


Cheese triangles are an extremely easy appetizer that most people will enjoy and you won't have to slave over. If you have any vegan friends coming to the party, try fruit triangles.


3. Drinks are always good, too.


This drink is called "Shark Bite," "Blood in the Water," or "Shark Attack" among other things. It will only look like it does in the picture for a few seconds, so you should have your guests actually participate in making it. Here is the recipe.


7. Cupcakes are a great dessert option. / Via Google Images

You can use any cupcake recipe you wish to make the cupcakes pictured. Use white icing and some blue food coloring, and get some fondant or gray paper cut into triangles for fins.

8. Popsicles are another easy choice. / Via Google Images

You can buy the Zoku Fish Pop Mold online or at retailers such as Sur La Table or Bed Bath and Beyond. It comes with six mini molds in fun fishy shapes. The molds are silicone for easy popsicle removal.

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