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    Which Right-Wing Commentator Are You?

    Australia has some outstanding culture warriors fighting the good fight. You are definitely one of them - but which one? We’ve put together this quiz to celebrate the contributions of Australia’s most vocal minority, right-wing commentators, and to herald the launch of Kill Climate Deniers.

    1. 1. What is your stance on the idea of anthropogenic climate change?

    2. 2. What position do you take on the Safe Schools anti-bullying curriculum?

    3. 3. What are your feelings towards former Prime Minister Tony Abbott?

    4. 4. How do you feel about ‘The Left’?

    5. 5. Love at first sight?

    6. 6. It’s midnight after a long day in the opinion mines. What’s your go-to guilty snack?

    7. 7. What offends you the most?

    8. 8. Your deadline is fast approaching. Time to have an opinion! What will be spewing out of your hatch?

    9. 9. Before you were a right-wing commentator, you were a:

    10. 10. Are you a convicted racist?

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