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25 Photos Of A Baby's Naptime Turned Into Dream Adventures

Nothing will get better than this. Cue aww.

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Artist and mother of three, Queenie Liao, has transformed her child Wengenn's dreams into reality.

"Every day just before Wengenn's nap," Liao told Bored Panda, "I would imagine him being the main character in one of my favorite episodes and 'paint' a background setting with plain clothes, stuffed animals, and other common household materials, just like how an artist would with her paint brushes."

After Wengenn fell asleep, she would place him in the scene she'd created and begin taking pictures.

"My vision was to create a series of photos portraying him exploring his imaginary, enchanting fairytale-like world."

With well over a hundred photos and a published book, Liao continues to inspire and touch people's hearts.

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