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    21 Reasons Why You Should Watch "Adventure Time"

    Like, starting now. [Editor's note β€” we promise that this isn't an ad. The Adventure Time fandom is just super enthusiastic about this show.]


    Adventure Time's backstory is super serious. It takes place in a post-apocalyptic world that was caused by the Great Mushroom War. The picture above shows the damage caused to Earth from it. Throughout the series, there are many references to the nuclear war.


    Finn is one of the main characters, and he has better hair than you.


    He also sings in autotune sometimes.


    Jake the Dog is the other main character. He has stretchy powers that allows him to shrink, grow, look like other people and such.


    He can also sing about bacon pancakes really well.


    Jake's in a serious relationship with a rainbow unicorn whose name is Lady Rainicorn. She only speaks Korean.


    Marceline, the Vampire Queen, doesn't suck blood to feed. She sucks the color red out of objects.


    She's a pretty good bass player and singer.


    Olivia Olson plays Marceline, but before that, she was the little girl from Love Actually singing "All I Want for Christmas is You."


    Lumpy Space Princess (LSP) should be someone every person should aspire to be.


    Doesn't she have the most beautiful voice?


    There's an entire kingdom made of candy whose subjects are also made of sweets.

    Fun fact: Mr. Cupcake is chocolate underneath.


    Princess Bubblegum is Candy Kingdom's ruler. She sometimes eats her subjects.


    And in one episode, her subjects eat her.


    Finn's love for Bubblegum is cute.


    But it can also be heartbreaking.


    Although, covers like this make it worth watching the heartbreak again.


    Adventure Time has some of the best fan art.


    The creators made an episode where everyone's gender was switched. Instead of Finn and Jake, there was Fionna and Cake.


    And from that, even more awesome fan stuff was made.


    Adventure Time teaches good life lessons for kids.

    And adults, too.

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