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    25 Paper Plate Crafts Kids Can Make

    These 25 Paper Plate Crafts for Kids are fun and cheap. (Because, paper plates.) Try a couple with your kid today!

    1. Make a Silly Paper Plate Bird / Via

    Your kids will love making these adorable paper plate birds!

    2. Make a Paper Plate Fishbowl


    This paper plate fish bowl reminds me of something I made in first grade. Very coo!

    3. Make a Paper Plate Flying Saucer


    This paper plate flying saucer is out of this world!

    4. Make A Paper Plate Piñata


    You get a piñata, and you get a piñata-- everyone can have their own paper plate piñata with this easy paper plate craft.

    5. Make a Paper Plate Chicken


    These are the most shabby chic paper plate chickens I've ever seen.

    6. Make Paper Plate Jellyfish


    I love these paper plate jellyfish. I want them in my office!

    7. Make Paper Plate Masks


    These paper plate masks are so awesome for the three year old channeling her inner-Labrynth dream montage.

    8. Make Paper Plate Owls


    Whoooo doesn't love an adorable paper plate owl?

    9. Make Paper Plate Roses


    You can't stop to smell these paper plate roses, but they're still totally fabulous.

    10. Make Paper Plate Fish


    Yes! These paper plate fish are totally awesome! I could see an entire wall made with these!

    11. Make a Paper Plate Watermelon Purse


    These paper plate watermelon purses would be perfect for a summer party!

    12. Make Paper Plate Spring Lanterns


    What? This is brilliant! I love these paper plate spring lanterns!

    13. Make a Paper Plate Boat

    14. Make a Paper Plate Mouse


    Look at his little tail! This paper plate mouse is precious!

    15. Make a Paper Plate Cat


    This paper plate cat isn't bad luck at all!

    16. Make a Paper Plate Hedgehog

    17. Make a Paper Plate Sundial


    This paper plate sundial actually works! How cool is that?

    18. Make a Paper Plate Walrus


    Oh my, the fins on these paper plate walruses are TOO CUTE!

    19. Make Paper Plate Angel Wings


    Wow! These paper plate wings are awesome!

    20. Make a Paper Plate Tambourine


    We're all gypsies with this awesome paper plate tambourine!

    21. Make a Paper Plate Sheep


    This paper plate sheep is the perfect use for all that shredded junk mail I can't seem to throw away.

    22. Paper Plate Ring Toss

    23. Make Paper Plate Rainbows


    I love how the paper plate rainbow ribbons curl!

    24. Make a Paper Plate Snake

    25. Make a Paper Plate Ladybug


    Who you callin' lady?

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