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A Satirical Guide To LA Stereotypes: As Told By The Kardashians

Don't be f****** rude!

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1. Welcome to LA!

Los Angeles is often times ridiculed as an image obsessed, overrated city. Well the Kardashians are here to tell you that every stereotype you heard about LA and the people from there are 100% true!

2. Los Angeles has perfect weather all year round.


True: God forbid you open your weather app and the high for the day is 60 degrees, because then you'd have to put on a sweater which totally hides your weight loss progress.

A typical LA convo:

"Oh my freakin God look outside it's raining, quick take a pic!"
"Currently tweeting about it right now."
"It's so cold it's like 62 degrees!"
"I hate my life!"

3. Everyone in LA is vain


Of course we're vain! I mean why else would we spend half our paychecks on gym memberships and juice cleanses? If you're not instagram ready at every second of the day, you best believe your ass is getting cropped out. #selfieeveryday

A typical LA convo:

"I literally can't go out today, my roots look like hell."
"There isn't even good selfie lighting at the Grove anyways. Let's stay in and make vision boards."

4. It's hard to fit in. Everyone is judgy.


I mean we're only rude to people who don't fit in. Like if you don't own a romper or have ever had a kale smoothie don't even look at us. And if you never been to Joan's on 3rd or took a selfie of you hiking within the last month, you're basically trash.

A typical LA convo:

"Omg I saw Jenny in line at the McDonald's on Vine Street!"

"No way, isn't she on an all kale/quinoa diet?!"
"Lying bitch."

5. Everyone in LA takes selfies of everything they do


Obviously! How else would everyone know you have a social life! Whether it's a quick in-n-out run, trip to your plastic surgeon, or a cruise down the pacific coast highway a snapchat or upload to instagram is a must! It's like your own mini reality show!

A typical LA convo;

"OMG Let's hike Runyon this weekend!"
"I'm down as long as we take pics, gotta show everyone I'm active and healthy."

6. Everyone is in the "business"


I mean if you're not trying to be a actress, model, or tv personal, are you really living?

A typical LA convo:

*just met*
"I really feel like this is my big break."
"Oh my god it totally is, like can you please remember me when you're famous?"
"Omg like I could ever forget about you!"

7. LA people are always on a cleanse or diet


If you're not cleansing or dieting you obviously don't live in LA. Whether it's an all green diet or an image of a cleanse you saved from tumblr or twitter, dieting is like totally essential! How else would you get ready for your day trip to Huntington or Santa Monica?

A typical LA convo:

"What would you like to order?"
"Non fat skinny vanilla latte, extra hot with soy."

8. There's too much pressure to be perfect in LA

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Well why would a perfect city accept anything less than perfect people? You need to be trimmed to perfection in order to live in LA, like anyone can take your picture at any second. You need to be red carpet ready or at least better looking than the person you're taking a pic with. This is just common sense!

A typical LA convo:

"I'm surprised you're not crying Anya! It's your mother's funeral?"
"I'll cry at home when I don't have a full face of make up. This urban decay concealer was $30."
"Oh true."

9. LA people think they're better than everyone else

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We pity everyone who doesn't live in LA or at least California. Why wouldn't you want to live in the most populated culturally diverse city in the world?! Plus everyone in LA is basically perfect so you feel like you're constantly in a movie or on a tv show!

A typical LA convo:

"Look that license plate says New York!"
"Eww wtf, get out."
"I know right."

10. But in all honesty

LA is the best city in the country. It's filled with diversity and rich culture that you couldn't find anywhere else in the US. Sure some people from LA are image obsessed, but that just makes them all the more motivational. The weather here truly is amazing and people from LA tend to be very laid back. So hats off to you LA, from your sunny beaches to your bustling downtown, you never fail to entertain.

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