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10 Things I Love About You, Momma.

For my queen.

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4. You Work at the Coolest Place Ever.

Cassie Dipasupil Pornan / Via

Therefore making you the coolest person ever. If it weren't for you, the whole planet would be dried up and sad because I used up all the water laying naked on my bed while the shower ran.

6. You Birthed Me.

Cassie Dipasupil Pornan / Via

We can try to dance around the fact, or we can tackle it head on. You carried me around for 9 months, and then some. I came out of you. I am appreciative of this. And how did you manage to look so good doing it? I might get pregnant if I will look like this.

7. You and Daddy are #relationshipgoals.

Cassie Dipasupil Pornan / Via

Most days, I really don't know how you put up with this man. I really don't. But you do!! On the days that I feel like I'll never get married because everyone just pisses me off way too much, I think of you guys. Seriously though, what's your secret? Yoga?

8. You're One of the Funniest People I Know.

Cassie Dipasupil Pornan / Via

Here's where I lucked out; we all know I'm the funniest bitch alive because I hang out with you waaay too much. Do all my friends like you because you're so much like me... or do they all like me because I'm so much like you??

9. You're My #1 Supporter.

Cassie Dipasupil Pornan / Via

To say I never got the chance to thank you for always having my back would be lying. I don't tell you enough how much I appreciate you always being there for me and encouraging me to do whatever I wanted to do. Sorry mommy. Thank you.

10. You're My Best Friend. Besides, you know, like, Dean.

Cassie Dipasupil Pornan / Via

I have so much love for you mamacita. I know we fight, and we hurt each other sometimes. I know it sucks when I eat the last of the granola bars. But you taught me everything I know. You taught me humility, self-awareness, self-worth, compassion, confidence, conviction, and love. There's never been a single time when I've needed you and you haven't been right there for me. No matter what, we're stuck with each other for life, and you're like at least on my "Top Twenty People I'd Stick With For Life" list. Haha. Happy Mother's Day!!

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