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    11 Tips That Every New College Student Needs To Hear

    Class is back in session. Start the college life with some tips from someone whose been through it all.

    Ahh…college…as every adult growing up would call it, “The best years of your life.”

    Hi! I’m Kianna, I got my BFA in Theatre Performance with a Minor in Communications from Florida Southern College in Lakeland. (Go Mocs!)

    I’ve been done for about two years now (a year and half of that has been swept up by a pandemic) and well, every adult so far has been right. However, I’m not a Negative Nelly just yet, it’s been a not-so-normal time so better times will be coming soon…I hope.

    College, though, truly was a great time. I met my amazing friends and current boyfriend there, went on memorable trips, and had a lot of self-discovery.

    (Here’s me in front of the Harlaxton College in England that I lived in for a month that was literally was like a castle):

    #CollegeLife has been a trending TikTok hashtag over the last few weeks, with people giving tips for those just about to start up college. Everyone’s college experience is different, but here are some tips I’ll offer that I think can benefit anyone:

    1. You May Change Majors or Minors, That’s Okay

    At one point I was a triple major…still don’t know what happened there. You may start out college with your mind made up and happily stick with it, that’s awesome!! You also may spend most of your college career changing your mind, don’t worry. You’ll figure out your path and it just might take a little extra time.

    2. Have A Designated Work/Study Space That’s Not Where You Live

    THIS IS HUGE. As tempting and comfortable as it may be to want to work where you live, DON’T. At your dorm/apartment there are many things that can distract you: your tv, your bed, your kitchen, your bed, your laundry you need to fold…did I mention your bed? Only do it as a last resort if other spots are closed. Find a spot on campus that is a good balance between work and play for when you do need those breaks away from the books.


    Almost all colleges offer the chance to do some sort of trip abroad, TAKE IT. Living in a different culture with your friends is one of those experiences that you will be talking about for years.

    (Here’s me twirling in front of the Eiffel Tower):

    4. The Freshman 15 May Creep Up On You

    With this new found freedom, a meal plan, and every other social gathering involving eating. You’re probably going to eat…A LOT. Don’t miss out on enjoying the food, but take this new found freedom to adopt healthy habits too!

    5. Sometimes Your Best Friends Aren’t Meant to be Your Roommates

    This may be one that you’ll deny the advice until it happens to you, then say to yourself, “Damn, Kianna was right.” You’ll think, “Well we already spend so much time together anyways so we might as well live together…” Once you do officially live together, you may discover some quirks that you’ll realize you CAN NOT stand. If you are considering a friend to be your roommate, definitely talk to each other about your living styles and make sure they don’t clash.

    6. You Don’t Need to Go to That Party Every Weekend

    FOMO isn’t the most fun feeling, BUT, it’s okay to miss out on a party every once in a while. Instead of going out to a huge frat party on Friday night, why not do something more low key with your friends? Have a movie wine night or go out to get mani/pedis. Also, your friends will forgive you if you want to take a night or weekend to yourself. There are way better feelings than being exhausted and/or hungover every weekend.

    7. Try Something Out of Your Comfort Zone

    College is the prime time to try something totally different. Whether it be taking a class outside of your comfort zone, joining a club, or even trying out for a team!

    If you hate it, you can tell your kids in the future your horror story. If you love it, you could end up meeting some people that will impact your life.

    8. Yeah, that’s right. I was an improv girl. Half of my college career. Here’s me on stage in my terrible costume of Scotty P from We’re the Millers.

    9. Procrastination is Natural, Try to Fight It

    This one is pretty to the point since you’ve probably already experienced it in high school but trust me it gets worse. Especially when you have plenty of other fun things you could be doing on campus. Do your best to get that work done well in advance.

    10. You’re Going to Make Mistakes

    Yes, you’re going to make that mistake with that guy or girl at that party. Yes, you’re going to fail that exam that you thought you totally crushed. Yes, you’re going to forget that beer before liquor you’re never sicker and liquor before beer you’re in the clear. You don’t have to regret all your mistakes. They are what make you, a little more you each day. You learn and you grow.

    11. Enjoy Every Moment

    It will seriously fly by, even on the days that feel never-ending. I didn’t realize how quickly it went by until I was standing in my graduation cap and gown about to walk across the stage. Try taking up journaling to remember each day and how you felt on the day.

    College are four hugely influential years in your life. Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime! Have fun, freshies!

    What are you most excited about with starting college? Comment below!👇