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These Charts Will Help Anyone Considering Buying A New Car

Roll into your nearest Kia dealership to find a perfect car that represents your unique aesthetic!

1. On the road to buying your new car.

2. Finding your local dealer.

3. Deciding when to make a visit.

4. Knowing your lifestyle.

5. Things to consider when buying or leasing.

6. What is the F&I department?

7. Tips from a dealer.

8. Last-minute keywords you should probably know.

9. Start your next adventure with your Kia!

2019 Sorento SX Limited AWD, 2018 Niro Touring, 2019 Sportage SX Turbo AWD, 2019 Forte EX, shown with optional features. Not all optional features available in all trims. Some features may vary.

Illustrations by Daniel Blaushild / BuzzFeed. All facts and imagery courtesy of Kia.

Whether you’re looking for the next off-road trail or growing your family, life’s next adventure is just down the road with Kia, so start your search today!