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5 Ways Your New Kia Forte Is The Perfect Friend

Friend is a five-letter word... Forte. To build your new best friend, click HERE.

These Charts Will Help Anyone Considering Buying A New Car

Roll into your nearest Kia dealership to find a perfect car that represents your unique aesthetic!

Tell Us About Yourself And We’ll Give You A Road Trip To Go On

Whether you're looking for your next great road trip or you're just on carpool duty with the kids, there's a perfect Kia car for everyone to express their unique personality.

When You Have Weekend Envy

Staycation or Weekend Adventure? Either way, the Kia Sorento is ready to roll.

Cinnamon Sugar Pretzel Bites

Just like the all new #KiaRio, these delicious Pretzel Bites are small but mighty! To learn more about the 2018 Kia Rio click here:

Honey-Garlic Pulled Pork Pull Aparts

Bring these small but mighty pull aparts to your next game day in the all new #KiaRio! To learn more about the 2018 Kia Rio click here:

The Try Guys Try Driving While Distracted

It's going to be one wild ride for the Try Guys! Luckily, the 2017 Kia Forte will help you stay safer while driving.

The 10 Most Memorable Scenes From Holiday Movies

No matter your age, these are the moments that you'll never forget. Happy holidays! - Brought to you by Kia

10 Holiday Cover Songs By Unexpected Bands

You'd assume that only a certain kind of musician would cover holiday-themed songs, but surprisingly, some of the greatest ones are by the most unexpected people. Or, maybe that last part isn't so surprising. Happy holidays! Brought to you by Kia

15 Holiday Foods We Wish Were Around All Year

Holidays mean time with family and whatever, but really, we're all looking forward to the food. Here are fifteen of the foodstuffs you wish you had on your table all year. Happy holidays! - Brought to you by Kia

The 15 Most Charming Vintage Holiday Photos

Holiday photos are cute by their very nature, but something about sepia and black and white tones just makes them even more heart-warming. Happy holidays! - Brought to you by Kia

Explaining The 5 Best Moments In Time Travel

Everyone knows that time travel is cool, but figuring out how it works certainly isn't easy. Here's some simple charts that help explain time travel in these five classics. - Brought to you by the Kia Optima

6 Pickup Basketball Games You Wish You Were At

Pickup basketball is a casual game, but these games were a bit less casual than when you played "horse" with your lil bro in your parents' driveway. - Brought to you by the Kia Optima

10 Celebrities Who Secretly Have Bands

Most people who become famous are talented in some way or another (you'd hope), but that doesn't mean they can do it all. Here are some of the most talented ("talented" in the broadest sense possible) celebrity bands you should know about. - Brought to you by the Kia Soul

10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Famous Songs

Regardless of whether you're a writer for Pitchfork or a casual listener of smooth jazz, prepare to have your mind blown. (And if you do already know all these facts, then maybe it's time to take up a new hobby. Jeez.) - Brought to you by the Kia Soul

The 10 Basketball Player Movie Performances You Have To See

The Kia Optima loves basketball and loves it when players try their hand at acting. From the thirty-second cameo to the full-on starring role, these are the ones you gotta see. From the obvious—Kazaam—to the classic—Airplane!—these are the appearances you can't miss.

10 Celebrity Instagrams You Have To Follow

Looking at blurry pics of some indiscernible band your friend saw in concert the other night and the “best pizza” they've “ever had” is great and all, but sometimes celebs' lives are just more interesting. Here's some accounts the Kia Soul thinks you shouldn't miss.

The Best Songs For Any Roadtrip

There's plenty of reasons to take a roadtrip, but the drive itself isn't the only important aspect to worry about: you're obviously gonna need a killer playlist. Here's some musical pairings for when you start off on your next one. Got a suggestion for another? Add it in the comments! - Brought to you by the Kia Sorento

The 10 Most Surprising Celebrity Cameos In Music Videos

There's no shortage of actors and musicians swapping roles every once in a while, but sometimes they just show up seemingly out of NOWHERE. Here are the best examples of celebrities changing a music video for the better. Or at least, stranger. - Brought to you by the Kia Soul