The Wonderful World Of Pickles

Cucumber pickles are for amateurs. There’s a wide range of wild and awesome pickles.

1. So, the standard is the cucumber.

But Cucumis sativus is not the only pickleable entity in the world. Basically anything can be pickled. And if it can be be done, why not do it, right? Essentially, pickling is just a way to preserve food by holding it in a solution so acidic that most bacteria won’t survive.

Let’s start with some standards

3. Classic Dill


Vinegar, water, coriander, and dill for the base for most pickles. Here’s this recipe.

4. We also like our pickles like this:


In chip form, of course.

5. Or like this…


—I wouldn’t even try this.

6. And of course, like this:


Here’s a CopyKat recipe for Hooters version of the delicious fried pickle.

How about a little more exotic

8. Pickled Okra!


As a Southerner, pickled okra isn’t too exotic for me, but I can see why someone would be a little afraid of a pickled slightly fuzzy seed-filled pod. But, really, it’s delicious.

Here’s a recipe.

9. I’m not sure why these exist.


Aren’t eggs delicious already? Here’s a recipe for pink ones. ..the “classic” is pictured above.

10. Kimchi


Increasingly more common, Kimchi is, like, spicy Korean pickled cabbage. Here’s a recipe.

11. Why not pickle meat?


Well, fish. Pickled herring is pretty much a classic in Nordic countries. Here’s a recipe.

12. Eh, pickled meat pickled feet.


Why would someone need a “value pack” of these?

13. Pickled Bologna


This exists.


15. Pickled snake!


—alright, it’s not really pickled. It’s 蛇酒 or Vietnamese Snake Wine. Close enough, though!

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