15 Things To Do During The Ides Of March

The 15th of March has a lot to offer. And we’re not just talking about prime time to kill a Roman General.

1. 1) Start Your Day With A Bloody Caesar


If you’re not feeling very festive— or not particularly Canadian (the cocktail’s country of origin), then call it a Bloody Mary with clam juice. But then you’d be a party pooper. Et tu, Anon? Et tu?


2. 2) You Obviously Have To Eat A Caesar Salad. PIZZA!


When you’re hungry AND want to commemorate the assassination of a Roman general, the first choice is Caesar Salad. But who wants the same ol’ lettuce covered in anchovies? —Especially when you have a recipe for a pizza right here.

okay, it’s like a pizza topped with salad. BUT IT’S FESTIVE

3. 3) Take A Trip To Japan for Hōnen Matsuri 豊年祭


March 15th isn’t just for killing Caesar. The city of Komaki holds the largest Honen Matsuri fertility festival.

4. 4) Be Sure To Grab A Couple Of These


Phallic food is traditional of Honen Matsuri. Nothing says “mmm, fertility” better than a chocolate covered banana.

5. 5) Have A Hot Dog With Takeru Kobayashi


It’s his birthday!

6. 6) Go Appreciate Muslim Culture


March 15th is also World Day of Muslim Culture, Peace, Dialogue and Film— as deemed so by Javed Mohammed in 2010.

7. 7) Go Shopping


It’s World Consumer Rights Day. Thanks, Kennedy.

8. 8) Watch Twilight


Or just google gifs of Kellan Lutz. It’s his birthday, too. We thank his parents for creating him. We thank them so, so much.

9. 9) Experience Bacchanalia


So, get drunk and do things that would normally be shameful— but not on the 15th of March! The Ides of March is also the day for an ancient Roman festival for the god Bacchus.

10. 10) Watch E.T.


The movie or Katy Perry’s music video. It’s World Contact Day. The International Flying Saucer Bureau first declared World Contact Day in 1953.

11. 11) Fight Police Brutality


In the US, October 22nd is generally the day to protest being brutalized by the police, but March 15 is International Day Against Police Brutality, as recognized by Switzerland and Canada, at least.

12. 12) Look Back On Hungarian History


The Hungarian Revolution of 1848 occurred on the Ides of March.

13. 13) Appreciate Maine


Maine entered the Union March 15, 1820— as the 23rd state.

14. 14) Visit A Soothsayer


It may be a little late if you hope to avoid being shanked by somebody, but it’s festive nevertheless.

15. 15) Watch A Weird Adaptation of “Julius Caesar”

Video available at:  .

Half the reason anyone knows what the Ides of March is, is because of Shakespeare. Let’s give him some credit.

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