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    24 Products Your Inner Wino Will Absolutely Love

    Because wine should be its own section on the food pyramid.

    1. Fill your entire house with your favorite scent.

    2. Get through your whole day.

    3. Bring happy hour wherever you go.

    4. Make Skype dates great again.

    5. Train your nose with this aroma tasting set.

    6. Make bath time fun time.

    7. Protect your wine from oxidation.

    8. Wear your passion.

    9. Share your hobby with your feline friends.

    10. Make plans with your couch.

    11. Upgrade your snacks.

    12. Make game night even better.

    13. Spice up your picnics.

    14. Unwind on Bachelor Mondays.

    15. Mind your portion sizes.

    16. Dress up any salad with these wine-infused dressings.

    17. Make your morning coffee even tastier.

    18. Aerate, then drink up.

    19. Make sure your wine is always the right temperature no matter where you go.

    20. Fix any oops moment.

    21. Show off the real reason you cook.

    22. Kick up your feet.

    23. Put a cork in it.

    24. And charm anyone.

    Drink up!

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