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    32 Cocktails For The 32 NFL Teams

    The NFL season may not start until September, but you can celebrate Thursday's draft with a cocktail honoring your favorite team. Warning: these drinks might make you wish football season were here.

    1. Arizona Cardinals: Snakebite

    2. Atlanta Falcons: Georgia Peach

    3. Baltimore Ravens: The Raven

    4. Buffalo Bills: Buffalo's Milk

    5. Carolina Panthers: Carolina Sweet Tea

    6. Chicago Bears: Chicago Fizz

    7. Cincinniti Bengals: Bengal Tiger

    8. Cleveland Browns: Dawg Pound Shooter

    9. Dallas Cowboys: Dallas Bomb

    10. Denver Broncos: Battling Bronco

    11. Detriot Lions: White Lion

    12. Green Bay Packers: Beer Margarita

    13. Houson Texans: The Yellow Rose of Texas

    14. Indianapolis Colts: Colt 45

    15. Jacksonville Jaguars: Teal Squeal

    16. Kansas City Chiefs: Hail to the Chiefs

    17. Miamai Dolphins: Miamai Mojito

    18. Minnesota Vikings: Purple Haze

    19. New England Patriots: Red, White and Blue Shooter

    20. New Orleans Saints: Hurricane

    21. New York Giants: Manhattam

    22. New York Jets, Apple Martini

    23. Oakland Raiders: Black Martini

    24. Philadelphia Eagles: Eagle's Dream

    25. Pittsburgh Steelers: Steel Helmet

    26. San Diego Chargers: Charger Colada

    27. San Francisco 49ers: Frisco

    28. Seattle Seahawks: Espresso Martini

    29. St. Louis Rams: Pot of Gold

    30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Chocolate Pirate

    31. Tennessee Titans: Tennessee Honey Tea

    32. Washington Redskins: The Burgundy