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    17 Things Every True *NSYNC Fan Owned

    Because there's more to liking a band than just buying their albums, right?

    1. NSYNC Chapstick


    Watermelon JC, Green Apple Joey, Vanilla Justin, Strawberry Chris, and Blue Raspberry Lance.

    2. NSYNC Fruit Snacks


    Because having them touch your lips via chapstick just wasn't enough.

    3. NSYNC Bobbleheads


    You could make their heads "bobble" while playing hits like "Bye, Bye, Bye" in the background. They're ALMOST dancing!

    4. NSYNC Marionette Dolls


    There were strings attached.

    5. NSYNC Collectible Bears


    The closest you'd get to cuddling with JC at night.

    6. NSYNC Uno

    7. NSYNC Hotline Fantasy Phone


    Before there was Twitter, this was the only way to "talk" to your favorite boy band.

    8. NSYNC Hit Clips


    Sure, we'll buy something that allows us to only play one-minute of a song...AS LONG AS NSYNC IS ON IT!

    9. NSYNC McDonalds Exclusive CD


    I'd like an order of McNuggets and a side of Justin Timberlake, thanks!

    10. NSYNC Official Home Video (on VHS)


    Highlight? The guys singing the "I Would Walk 500 Miles" chorus from "I'm Gonna Be" by the Proclaimers while hanging out in the back of a limo. (And yes, it's highly likely the only reason NSYNC fans even know this song is because of this video.)

    11. NSYNC Disney Concert Recorded Off TV


    Before there was DVR, there was the VCR. And every diehard fan recorded every NSYNC appearance. Most memorable? The original 1998 Disney concert (who could forget Justin's shiny baby blue MC Hammer pants?)

    12. NSYNC: The Official Book


    Written BY *NSYNC. Meaning not only could they sing, but they could write, too!

    13. NSYNC Valentines Day Cards

    14. NSYNC Trading Cards


    Since then, Lance has switched teams. Ahem.

    15. NSYNC in Movies


    We saw "On the Line" in theaters, and for true fans, even owned it on DVD.

    16. NSYNC Pins

    17. NSYNC Backpack


    NSYNC...they always had your back.

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