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    What You Should Know Before Dating A Dog Mom

    Some people think we're crazy; others don't consider us "real moms."

    Our Baby > Anything / Via

    Our little bae is our number one priority. It's better to let guys know that ahead of time anyway, right?

    We often put dogs before people

    Instagram: @warnerdoodle / Via Instagram: @warnerdoodle

    No one understands why our pooch has to ride shotgun and your friends are stuck in the back... But your pup is your lovable sidekick, and you wouldn't have it any other way!

    Instagram: @misterpokeyjoe / Via Instagram: @misterpokeyjoe

    He knows he's special and has earned this seat.

    We always cook for our bae

    Instagram: @pawsome_lovato / Via Instagram: @pawsome_lovato

    No, not you, silly... Our pup! Her health is a top priority, so while I don't mind ordering takeout for the two of us, my time in the kitchen is spent prepping my baby's food.

    You're always welcome to third wheel our date...

    Instagram: @missandmurphy / Via Instagram: @missandmurphy

    But you won't be able to compete with our dog in our Snapchat story.

    Our dog comes everywhere with us

    Instagram: @leah_wanders / Via Instagram: @leah_wanders

    Including our dates and outdoor activities! Our puppy is our baby, and we'll carry her when she needs help no matter how big she gets.


    Instagram: @jsnking / Via Instagram: @jsnking

    This sign should just say "nobody is allowed here" because we don't tolerate any sort of discrimination toward our faithful friend.

    It's hard for us to leave home

    Instagram: @princess.bella.diaries / Via Instagram: @princess.bella.diaries

    We can't go on vacation without feeling guilty... And missing our baby dearly! So dog-friendly hotels are a must.

    And we'll take more selfies with our pooch than with you

    We're all about celebrating

    Instagram: @jennimarie03 / Via Instagram: @jennimarie03

    ...The anniversary of the day we got our pooch, their birthday, half birthday, and learning a new trick. We are always coming up with excuses to pamper our pup!

    And you'll have to find someone else to do a couples costume with

    Instagram: @singleinthesuburbs / Via Instagram: @singleinthesuburbs

    Your girls are excited to dress up with each other, so either get in on their group costume or find someone else to do a costume with you.

    Someone else snuggles up with your girl every night

    Instagram: @cairnterriertoby / Via Instagram: @cairnterriertoby

    Our canine companion comes first... He gets to cozy up in the middle of the bed and then we can make ourselves comfortable somewhere around him.

    There's always going to be someone else who holds your girl's heart / Via

    That's okay though, because we have so much love in our heart from our dog that there is always plenty of room for a boyfriend too. <3

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