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What You Should Know Before Dating A Dog Mom

Some people think we're crazy; others don't consider us "real moms."

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We often put dogs before people

Instagram: @warnerdoodle / Via Instagram: @warnerdoodle

No one understands why our pooch has to ride shotgun and your friends are stuck in the back... But your pup is your lovable sidekick, and you wouldn't have it any other way!

We always cook for our bae

Instagram: @pawsome_lovato / Via Instagram: @pawsome_lovato

No, not you, silly... Our pup! Her health is a top priority, so while I don't mind ordering takeout for the two of us, my time in the kitchen is spent prepping my baby's food. / Via

That's okay though, because we have so much love in our heart from our dog that there is always plenty of room for a boyfriend too. <3

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