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    Ten Small Gestures That Mean A Lot

    I don't want to speak on behalf of every girl out there, as we are all so incredibly different, but as I am pretty average I made a list of little things guys can do for girls that mean so much. Here are ten very simple things that can totally melt a heart. What do you love? Sound off in the comments!

    Writing Her A Love Letter / Via

    Handwritten notes seem to be underrated in this technology-driven world. Whether it is a mailed love letter or post-it note on her laptop reminding her how much you love her, this is inexpensive but sure to elicit a smile!

    The Gift Of Life / Via

    Start her morning right by sending an e-gift card from Starbucks -- you can give as little as $5 to treat her to her favorite beverage. Not only will the caffeine give her a boost, but so will your sweet gesture showing that you were thinking of her!

    Wine And Dine / Via

    The way to a woman's heart isn't that different than it is to a man's... Wine and food is always a great idea! Either cook a cozy meal at home or add a little twist and surprise her with a packed picnic lunch.

    Your Next Top Model / Via

    Telling a girl she is beautiful is always nice... But there is something sweet about a guy taking your photo "just because." Whether you like her in that baggy t-shirt or her smile is extra-bright, make it a lasting memory by taking her picture.

    Call Me Maybe? / Via

    Phones aren't utilized as much as they could be nowadays. Calling spontaneously to see how she is doing or leaving a sweet voicemail to wake up to is always a nice gesture.

    Learn To Play / Via

    Want to make your girl smile all day long? Learn to play one of her favorite songs on the piano or guitar, then serenade her. So. Attractive.

    Remind Me / Via

    Speaking of music, sending a song that reminds you of her is a cute way of letting her know how you feel -- without having to be a poet yourself!

    Give Her Your Jacket / Via

    Or better yet, give her one of your favorite sweatshirts! Somehow wearing the clothes of someone you love makes them feel close to you, even when they're far away. Give up your softest sweatshirt and you'll be on her mind all the time.

    Open Her Car Door / Via

    Holding the door to a restaurant is nice, but almost expected on a date. It's always a really pleasant surprise, though, when a guy opens your car door for you.

    Hands Down My Favorite / Via

    One of my favorite things ever is super-simple. I love when a guy is driving and glances over at me, then takes my hand. Somehow this makes me melt every time.

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