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    18 Items Currently At Forever 21 No One Will Buy

    Forever 21 is known for it's quirky twists on trends, but many of their items seem like they wouldn't fit in anyone's wardrobe. I always wonder where the clothes go when they don't sell...

    1. Channeling Her Inner Beetlejuice?

    Wait, No, THIS.

    2. Or Maybe John Lennon.

    3. Sorry...


    You're not sorry about the glasses or about wasting fabric on a sweatshirt no one will want?

    4. New, Not Necessarily Improved


    Britney and Justin know what they did wrong now... They need to save this Forever 21 model before it's too late.

    5. Assymetrical Clear Cuff


    You can pay $9.80 for this bracelet, or you can have the exact same accessory for free-- your bare arm!

    6. Beyonce Bodysuit


    Let's be real. When would anyone have the opportunity to wear this except in a Beyonce music video? And I'm pretty sure Bey can afford her own designer for those special occasions.

    7. Grown-Up Spinelli


    She also now has a "big girl" job...


    "At least I got to keep my hat!"

    8. Portable Puzzle


    At least people on the Subway can use you as a word search puzzle. Hooray for saving paper!

    9. This Item Is A Shirt...


    That is NOT how a crossword works.

    Looks like Beetlejuice might be #Trending.

    10. Every Girl Should Carry This In Her Purse...


    This accessory might just be more damaging than Brass Knuckles. You can feel beautiful and safe going out!

    11. A Faux Leather "WHY"


    Because horse reins are sexier than bra straps.

    12. Zenon


    When would anyone have an opportunity to wear this number?! My only thought is maybe in a remake of Disney's "Zenon The Zequel."

    13. Invisible Man


    In short, "I don't date."

    14. Maybe This Outfit Gave Her Hope...


    A tight leather one piece typically signifies a superhero.

    15. Optical Illusion or Optometrist Inevitable?


    Is this supposed to be some sort of eye trick or "fashionable?"

    16. Who's "Floral Fantasy" Is This?!

    Possibly DJ Tanner's...

    17. Isn't "Fancy Sweatshirt" An Oxymoron?

    18. Universally Unwearable


    No caption necessary.

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