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    12 Great (or Hilarious) Apps For Valentine's Day

    Depending on your view, you will either love or laugh at these apps. Happy Single's Awareness Day!

    1. Wingman


    This is essentially the Tinder for frequent fliers. Now you can meet people, even in the sky!

    2. Fingle


    This is an app to help people who don't know how to flirt! Bonus: It's super-awkward.

    You put your fingers on all the dots on your iPad with someone you're interested in but too afraid to talk to. This magic app helps you get up close and personal until it looks like your hands are basically making out with each other. Yes, this is possible, but only with Fingle.

    3. Couple


    This app has a feature you have ALWAYS wanted... The "thumb kiss!" You can send your fingerprint to your S.O. You no longer need to be together and to ink and paper--now you can do this, even in a long distance relationship!

    Just what you've always wanted!

    4. Lovestagram


    Oh. My. Gosh. It's like, an Instagram feed for love! And you can, like, sign in with your Instagram account and everything! This is so fetch.

    5. Red Stamp


    Away from your partner for Valentine's Day? Send them a card from Red Stamp!

    6. Rebtel Re:Beat


    This app is similar to the Couple "Thumbprint Kiss," in that, who would actually want it? You can record and share your heartbeat with a loved one. Just put your finger on the front camera, and let the app do the rest!

    It even sends a picture of a heart beating to whoever you choose, with a message that says, "I just recorded my heartbeat and wanted to share it with you." How romantic!

    7. The Love Calculator


    The description says it all.

    "Is romance meant to be? Test your compatibility with our Love Calculator!"

    8. Scentee


    Scentee isn't necessarily in the "love" category of apps, but it could be used for that purpose. You buy an attachment and can send different scents to each other. Because anyone and everyone can be seduced with the smell of fresh baked cookies.

    9. Girlfriend Keeper


    The name of this app is extremely ironic, as it would do everything BUT keep your girlfriend around. It "personalizes" text messages from you to your girlfriend and all you have to do is enter a few generic questions about her!

    An example of a text is, "Diana, You have the prettiest green eyes I could ever imagine, I can't believe we have been dating for 1 year and 53 days." Because every guy would be that specific.

    10. Grouper


    Single and bummed about being with friends on Valentine's Day? Why not set up a date with 3 strangers?! Grouper does that for you!

    Because apparently spending time with friends is not good enough on February 14th.

    11. Valentine Radio


    Tired of trying to use Pitbull's tunes to romance your boo? This app sets the mood for you on Valentine's Day.

    12. 30 Day Relationship Challenge


    There's something about our generation that likes to draw out holidays and birthdays as long as possible (I'm sure you've heard of a "birthday week" before). This app lets you have a 30 day Valentine's celebration (Side note: did the creator not realize February is 28 days?)! There is a challenge each day for you and your partner to help strengthen your relationship and spice up your love life.

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