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9 Reasons Why The Holidays Are Better With A Chronic Disease

Born with gastroparesis, dismotility of the intestinal track and hyperalgesia everything I do in life is intertwined with my disease. In simpler terms my stomach is paralyzed, my intestines don’t move well and I’m super sensitive to stimuli, meaning I experience pain on a much more intense level than the average person. I can’t eat food and I receive all my nutrition and hydration through a little device in my chest called a central port. My food is called TPN (Total parenteral nutrition). I have a tube that goes into my stomach (G-tube), which lets me drain liquids out of my stomach to keep me from vomiting. Another tube is in my small intestine (J-tube), which is used for medication that I don’t receive via my central port. I’m on a wild ride, on this roller coaster called life, but I’m on a mission to show how a physical, spiritual, psychological or emotional battle can be someone’s greatest blessing. How what they thought was once a curse can really be a blessing in disguise. So let me show you how the holidays can be that much brighter when you’re living with a chronic disease.

kfox161 4 years ago

To The Little Brother Who Has A Sibling With A Chronic Disease

I wrote this letter for my little brother, but in reality it is meant for any sibling who has a sibling suffering from a chronic disease. We fight a battle every day to survive, yet our siblings also fight a battle as they watch us fight. This is for all those siblings out there, but first and foremost it's written to my own little brother, Kevin Fox.

kfox161 4 years ago

11 Ways I've Found Beauty In The Midst Of Suffering

Gastroparesis makes it so that my digestion system is paralyzed. I’m not able to eat because of it and I endure pain and nausea every day thanks to it. Sure it’s rough dealing with all that. I mean it’s basically like I have the stomach flu all day. You know where your body is aching for relief, where your stomach is twisted in knots of pain. Then when you attempt to eat or drink you feel even worse. You vomit until there is nothing left in your stomach and then you wait for it to happen all over again at the next meal. That’s what my every day is like. So for sure gastroparesis has dealt me a rough hand in life. There’s no doubt about that. I know a lot of people look at my hand and think that it’s a losing hand, but I look at it as a royal flush. The best hand of all. Because in the midst of the suffering there is great beauty. A beauty that can be found in any type of suffering, whether it be physical, emotional, spiritual or psychological suffering. A beauty that turns the cards, which have been dealt to me, from the worst hand to the best hand.

kfox161 4 years ago

A Blessing In Disguise- The True Story

Many have suggested I’m cursed, but I choose to look at my disease as a Blessing in Disguise. So I wrote a book about my journey and titled it "A Blessing in Disguise". My deepest desire is to turn the bad of this disease into good for others. Help me to share my story and bring hope to others who are fighting and want to give up!

kfox161 4 years ago