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16 Last Minute Etsy Gifts That Might Just Save Christmas

(Like if your Pinterest DIY thingy just fell apart).

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1. Give them the world in the sweetest way:

Planetary Pops, Set of 6, 15.50

2. Surprise them with a magical mini universe:

Japanese Moss Ball Triple Aquarium Kit, $40.50

3. Make flipping a switch a magical moment:

Harry Potter Lumos and Nox Switch Plate, $23.00

4. Make a beauty routine neatly awesome:

Bamboo Tablet Holder Beauty Station with Mirror, $69.99

5. Bewitch her with chiffon:

Chiffon Mr. Darcy Letter Scarf, $42

6. Give him a surprising riff on the tired tie gift:

Silk Notebook Paper Print Tie, $35

7. Spice up their fridge:

Magnetic Popcorn Spice Set, $55.00

8. Bring a giggle to mundane tasks:

Helpful Dog/Unhelpful Cat Cotton Flour Sack Towel, $12

9. Give succulent delights:

Teardrop Succulent Terrarium Trio Kit, $39.99

10. Inspire a new hobby:

Maple Beginners Weaving Loom, $70

11. Transform their wallet into a piece of art:

Titanium Minimalist Wallet, $29.99 each

12. And same with their tablet:

Bent Wood Tablet Stand, $80

13. Affirm the AHS fan:

Normal People Scare Me AHS Hoodie, $28

14. Bring stellar romance to the bedroom:

His and Hers Star Wars Inspired Pillowcase Set, $28

15. Delight the cat person:

Merino Wool Felt Cat Head Coasters, 28 color options, Set of 5 for $21

16. And don't forget the unicorn person:

Unicorn Beanie, $30
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