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    14 Pairs Of Cat Socks To Kick Off The Mew Year In Style

    Get your feet feline fine for 2016.

    1. These cats hangin' out on your ankles:

    2. And this cat hangin' 10 on your 10 toes:

    3. These dreamy socks:

    4. These dapurr ones:

    5. These even more dapurr ones:

    6. These classic cats:

    7. These literary cats:

    8. These supurr cool hipster kitties:

    9. These cats for your calves:

    10. And these over-the-knee felines:

    11. Let Grumpy Cat do the talking:

    12. Or have emoji felines say it all:

    13. Actually get a cat to "heel":

    14. And of course, wear the ultimate palindrome!

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