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    16 Worst Walking Skeletons

    Halloween is near. F*ck sentient evil skeletons.

    1. The most important magazine.

    2. Rude.

    3. Rude.

    4. Worst U.S. Open audience ever.

    5. Dead NSA agent reading your sexts from the saucy afterlife.

    6. Cool.

    7. Rad.

    8. These skeletons messed with the wrong girl.

    9. This skeleton aint like the other girls.

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    10. Wow, grim.

    11. Neat.

    12. Fancy!

    13. Unacceptable.

    14. Deplorable.

    15. Keep your brain juice to yourself.

    16. Beautiful. Perfect. A+. Happy spook-month.

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