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80's And 90's Web Comics Were Insanely Geeky

Glimpse the odd and lovely nerd utopia of the 80s and 90s interweb. "T.H.E. Fox" came out on the GEnie network in 1986.

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"Where The Buffalo Roam" (1991) was the first online comic about college life.

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Since early internet access focused around campuses, many student comics were also shared on UseNet. College dorm dramadies would become the most popular genre of 90's web comics.


Unlike now, the 90's internet was a specialist's playground. You had to tattoo "LINUX IS PHAT + RULEZ" on your flesh, or something.

"Sluggy Freelance" started in 1997 and Pete is the first artist who became popular enough to make comics full-time for a living.