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28 Reasons To Love Taipei

A toast to Asia's most laid-back capital city.

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1. Family Mart, 7-Eleven, and other convenience stores have everything.


One of the highest per capita concentrations of convenience stores on earth. Where else can you pay your college tuition, eat dinner, print Mayday concert tickets, send express mail, and buy a handle of Johnny Walker at 4:30 a.m.?

3. Taipei has the coolest cafés.

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Eat it, Seattle. Boomers worry that today's Taipei kids don't want to conquer the world — they just want to open cafés with their friends. Coffee shops are basically bars in Taipei. Check out Sugared n Spiced for some choice spots.

8. Beef noodle soup is Taipei's official religion.


Taipei hosts a Beef Noodle Soup Festival every year. Everyone swears a blood oath to their favorite shops. If you don't like beef noodle soup, you are a disgusting pervert and I don't want to know you.

11. There's a toilet-themed restaurant.


Please kindly invite your friends to eat shit. Modern Toilet offers enticing fare like "baby's explosive diarrhea" (actually just green curry) served in mini toilet bowls.

15. Taipei is the Chinese pop/indie music capital.

From C-pop megastars to symphonic metal, hip-hop, post-rock, and folk singer-songwriters, Taipei exports the best Mandarin pop music in the world. You'll also catch bands like Neutral Milk Hotel at surprisingly small venues (The Wall and Legacy). For schedules, check GigGuide Taiwan.

17. The clubbing scene's no slouch either.


Decidedly less douchey than clubbing in many other big cities. Every year there's a new club du jour, but Luxy was your first fake-ID love.

21. The garbage trucks sing to you.

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23. GuangHua is basically a Tatooine junkyard of electronic bargains.

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Brave the clouds of nerd-sweat at GuangHua for a steal on a new computer. Bring your haggling A-game. (Also, RIP old GuangHua.)

24. Night markets. All of them.

Via Facebook: Fun-Taipei-Backpackers

Imagine hundreds of street-food carts and pop-up stores crammed in 10 city blocks. Everyone goes to Shilin, but Shida has the coolest stuff. Too bad the government's scaling it down.

27. Taipei 101 has the best New Year's fireworks.


Camping out at a park near Taipei 101 with your friends, drinking 7-Eleven whiskey, watching fireworks, then seeing the flag-raising ceremony at sunrise at the Presidential Palace = best way to start a year.

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