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28 Reasons To Love Taipei

A toast to Asia's most laid-back capital city.

1. Family Mart, 7-Eleven, and other convenience stores have everything.

2. Before every election, the streets look like this:

3. Taipei has the coolest cafés.

4. Eslite Dunnan is the world's only 24-hour bookstore.

5. Karaoke is a 24/7 sport too.

6. Shrimping's also 24/7.

7. You won't recognize 50% of the things sold at your local market.

8. Beef noodle soup is Taipei's official religion.

9. Yonghe has the best breakfast.

10. There's a great bar called That Fucking Place.

11. There's a toilet-themed restaurant.

12. You can also dine at prison-, Barbie-, and hospital-themed restaurants.

Keep Taipei weird, yall.

13. Yongkang Street is a great place to get your Asian retro-chic on.

14. Zhongxiao has all the modernity you can want.

15. Taipei is the Chinese pop/indie music capital.

16. There's always some design or music festival.

17. The clubbing scene's no slouch either.

18. There's a whole street devoted to wedding photographers.

19. Yangmingshan National Park is a bus ride away.

20. Ximending is cosplayers and otakus galore.

21. The garbage trucks sing to you.

View this video on YouTube

22. If you piss off the students, you WILL hear from them.

23. GuangHua is basically a Tatooine junkyard of electronic bargains.

24. Night markets. All of them.

25. Beitou has great hot-spring spas.

26. Sick of the rainy north? You can get to Kenting Beach in four hours...

...on a Cartoon Network-themed bullet train.

27. Taipei 101 has the best New Year's fireworks.

28. F O O D