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    16 Cliched Problems Only Anime Characters Will Understand

    It aint easy being a 90's/early 00's anime character.

    1. Your gruff mentor litters his/her bedroom with beer cans.

    2. You eat bread while running late to school.

    Gluten-free option please.

    3. Your nose bleeds every time you're turned on.

    Ugh, so inconvenient.

    4. You have a huge appetite + comically bad table manners. Because you're a badass.

    (*Applies mostly for shounen/fighting anime.)

    5. You cry into your own ludicrous boobs.

    6. You break Newtonian physics with your boobs.

    7. Everyone can tell you're a secret sociopath because you're wearing/adjusting your glasses.

    8. When you have an epiphany, the camera cuts to a feather drifting onto a still, dark water surface.

    Senpai doesn't notice you. A single tear rolls down your cheeks. Baka, you mutter to yourself.

    9. You're always seated next to the classroom window. Especially if you're the rebel protagonist, or the mysterious transfer student/love interest.

    10. You slip and faceplant into your love interests's boobs all the time. Especially at hot springs.

    Your feisty, tsundere love interest will then punch you so hard you fly through the disgusting sky.

    H/T to i09 for this one.

    11. You sweat a giant single bead of sweat when you're confused or surprised.

    (↓Seriously though, that hat.)

    12. You randomy turn into a tiny chibi version of yourself when flustered.

    13. If you're a waifish warrior, you will be mistaken for a girl. You'll always beat the meatheads.

    14. Before fighting over the fate of the universe, you comically overreact to small slights.

    15. You groan eloquently before, during, and after fights.

    16. You're always running optimistically into the sunset, or under some techno-blue sky, while someone sings the virtues of friendship.

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