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    44 Hong Kong Movie Subtitles Gone Wrong

    Or very, very right.

    1. Vampires:

    I hate vampire drug cartels more than I hate toxic mortgage-backed securities.

    2. Take-out in Hong Kong:




    5. Welcome to my show, yall:

    6. A rude conversation:

    7. Day care:

    You did not have permission at all.

    8. The magic of breast shampoo:

    9. Romance:


    10. 21st birthday:

    11. Soup-gazing:

    12. Sex ed:

    13. Don't we all?

    14. Voted most Socratic cop of Kowloon:

    15. I tend to creep outside, personally:

    16. Eye...eyebrows:

    17. Haunted toilets:

    18. Enemies:

    19. Friends:

    20. Honeymoon in Hong Kong:

    21. A good tweet:

    22. Bide your turn:

    23. Honesty:

    24. Don't we all:

    25. So many drug lords in HK:

    26. Fruits:

    27. Making the best of a grabby situation:

    28. Unusual prepositions:

    29. "You want to be the toppest fight, shit!"

    30. Damning by faint praise:

    31. Mondays:

    32. A Wacky Scene:

    33. Tweetable summaries:

    34. Hugs:

    35. Kung fu slut-shamers:

    36. Lost and found:

    37. Preferences:

    38. Harsh:

    39. Afterschool PSA specials:

    40. I wonder at the question:

    41. There is no such thing as unnecessary cheese:

    42. A gentle conversation:

    43. Love:

    44. Self-acceptance:

    Massive props to HK Subtitles for rounding up these screenshots.

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