26 Hellish Misuses Of 3D Animation And CGI

These cartoons, video game glitches, and low-budget graphics can go straight to hell.

1. This owl-headed bro.

2. This confrontational broheim.

3. This smug horse…

4. …Who has no time to explain.

5. This Lion King remake.


6. This scene from Spy Kids.

7. This Vanessa Carlton mod of Grand Theft Auto IV.

8. Jar Jar Sphinx.

Kevin Tang

9. Typical day in Jimmy Neutron’s life.

10. These FIFA hell-spawn.


11. This satantic mod of Excite Bike.

12. This intolerant dude.

13. This tactful Pooh.

14. This actual movie voiced by Charlie Sheen, Hillary Duff, and Eva Longoria.

A cartoon about “protecting the world’s most beloved brands :).”

16. This Eiffel 65 music video.

17. This based voyage.

18. This lifestyle campaign.

19. This really curious Redditor.

20. This classic work of bear art.

21. This lake full of abhorrent horses.

22. Whatever hell this is.


23. This GIF, literally called “Flying_Skeleton_Hell.gif”

25. The Sims.


26. The real world. My entire life.

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