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    Posted on Apr 16, 2013

    18 Clumsiest Deer

    Middle school was a tough time for all of them.

    1. Some cruel classmate pranked this deer into thinking Justin Bieber was at this diner.

    2. This baby deer will never live down this summer camp embarrassment.

    3. These cars didn't have the heart to tell this deer about the 'kick me' sign stuck to his haunches.

    4. The cool kids never invited this deer back to skate with them again.

    5. The whole girl's soccer team saw this fawnlet prancing by himself in the mud.


    7. This deer thinks Youtube is just one long documentary of his humiliations.

    8. Deers can't even get respect from underclassmen.


    10. And this buck's just gonna have to call dad to pick him up.

    11. Being in detention was kinda cool, until he found out the german shepherd was there for playing World of Warcraft in the computer lab.

    12. It might help if they stopped crashing every party.


    (Don't worry, this deer gets rescued.)




    16. Why are yall cervines always getting into accidents?

    17. How am I supposed to bring you anywhere?


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