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    17 Dumbest Ads Targeted At Dudes

    How (not) to market to really insecure men. And how not to learn manhood from ads.

    1. Bushmaster Firearms

    2. Powerful Yogurt

    3. Reebok

    4. Moosehead Beer

    5. Billy Tea

    6. Molson Beer

    7. Got Milk?

    8. Call of Duty (at unknown British video game shop)

    9. Microwave Potatoes

    10. Miller Lite

    11. Jim Beam

    12. Edge Men body spray

    13. Canadian Club Whiskey

    14. Duncan Quinn

    15. MUSCLE MILKKK!!!! *cars explode*

    16. McCoy's Man Crisps

    17. Dr Pepper Ten

    H/T the Gender Ads Project.

    More lessons on how not to learn manhood from advertising at Dear Coquette (trust me, it's a hilarious read).