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    17 Cleverest Crafts Made With Money

    Funny money.

    1. Time is money.

    2. And money is a tangle.

    3. Money flies.

    4. Money swims.

    5. Money dies.

    6. Money says some strange things.

    7. Mo Money Mo Problems.


    9. Heads of states.

    10. Heads of culture.

    Pop culture portraits by James Charles

    11. If a dress cost you £50,000, it better look like £50,000.

    12. If the Guggemheim awards you $100,000, the world better see it.

    13. Money-bearding.

    14. Money monuments.

    15. Dirty money.

    16. The Statue of Money.

    17. Thank you for your kind attention. Please refrain from smoking money indoors.