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    13 Truest Comics About Job-Searching After College

    Haha, what's the 'Real World' anyway?

    1. On finding an "entry level" job:

    2. Freedom vs. ability to afford freedom:

    3. Need vs. Want vs. Affordability:

    4. On being teased by job leads:

    5. On finding greener pastures teaching abroad:

    6. The Catch-22 of the entire marketplace:


    8. What your parents' post-college job market was like:


    Not technically a comic, but Old Economy Steve is too on point.

    9. On how not to gripe to your roommates:

    10. On having the right skills:

    11. On considering grad school:

    12. And finally, the absolutely stellar "Adventures of Unemployed Man," which you can buy here:

    The biographies of these jobless and job-slashing superheroes are pretty hysterical.

    13. On the plus side: now's probably the best time to start all those projects you've been meaning to do.