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13 Ways Animal Crossing Will Stomp On Your Heart

Beware: these cute games are emotional bruisers.

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Aren't these villagers cute? Don't just just want to frolic in the grass and call them schnoo schnoo?

Hold it right there, New Leaf mayor. They know you have feelings, and they'll gut you for having them.

This is what happens when you try to impress your cutest neighbor.

And when they finally start returning your letters–

–they'll ditch you for a better town.

Meaner new neighbors will live in the houses you were once welcome in.

Being yelled at by Mr. Resetti will seem like a walk in the park.

They'll talk such smack behind your back.

You'll try to escape the neverending gauntlet of shopping, mortgage, and home-improvement hell–

–But everyone will judge you by the clothes you wear, the furniture you buy, the zip code of your paltry house.

They'll talk about hipsters a whole lot.

You'll live under the thumb of this slum lord.

And Phyllis will never let you write back to your mom.

Crazy Redd's auction will prey on your love for art.

The museum will sarcastically frame your greatest achievement.

What is this? Parks & Recs?

Oh my lord, what is even going on?

The only ones you can trust is that stoner Pascal.

And this DJ guitarist dog.

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And this down-and-out shoeshiner dude.

Guard your feels in New Leaf. Animal Crossing is HARSH.

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