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    19 People Who Shouldn't Be Allowed Anywhere Near An Oven Ever Again

    Um, yum?!

    1. This ~different~ take on Gatsby:

    2. These heart cookies:

    3. This "gentle" lamb:

    4. This yummy log:

    5. This lobster cake:

    6. Or this "under the sea" attempt:

    7. These "cosmic" pops:

    8. LOL, what about these bears?

    9. Or these "macaroons?"

    10. These Thin Mints:

    11. These delectable apple roll tarts:

    12. This cinnamon roll:

    13. This pancake flip:

    14. This caramel cake:

    15. This Lego cake:

    16. Or this apple tart:

    17. This skillet cinnamon roll:

    18. These creative cupcakes:

    19. And finally, this BB-8:

    h/t: r/NailedIt