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    10 Essential Items Every Guy Needs To Have

    Take notes.

    Jenny Chang / Getty Images / BuzzFeed

    If you’re not into spending a lot of time shopping, but you still want to get more into fashion, a good place to start is by having essentials in your wardrobe. These are pieces that you can mix and match and wear for any occasion. That's why we recently spoke with Trunk Club veteran stylist Anna Wisinewski, and got her recommendations on some things that every guy should have in his closet.

    A great-fitting, neutral blazer:

    A light jacket:

    A perfect-fitting white button-up or button-down:

    Another perfect-fitting button-down (in a fun color or pattern, like plaid or gingham):

    A slim-straight pair of dark denim:

    A slim-straight twill pant:

    A knit that you love:

    A brown dress shoe:

    A nonathletic sneaker:

    And of course some accessories:

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