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    Justin Bieber Awkwardly Scolds Fans To "Clap On Beat"

    During a live performance in Spain, the pop star coldly instructed fans to stay on beat.

    Justin Bieber's fall season has been sort of difficult... Recently during a performance he stormed off the stage because fans were throwing water at him, and now he's scolding fans (during a performance) to "clap on beat."

    While in Spain, Justin was performing his hit "What Do You Mean." During the first chorus of the song, Justin noticed that the crowd was a little off beat.

    "It's like this," Bieber said as he clapped on beat to help the audience.

    Here's the full video for your enjoyment. The scolding starts around the 2:18 mark.

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    After making the comment, Justin laughed nervously, the crowd cheered, and he continued on with the song.

    Ouch — hopefully the fans weren't too offended!