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17 Super-Simple "Rules" No One Should Have To Be Told

For example: If you're out to dinner and somebody else is paying, DO NOT order the most expensive thing on the menu.

1. Tailor your clothes when you can.


Owning formal clothing is an important part of "adulting." Whether you have to dress up for work every day or not, it's important to have a tailored suit or other dress-up gear, because you'll never know when you need it. A job interview could happen seemingly out of nowhere, someone could get married, or you may even have to attend a company work event where you have to dress up.

2. If you're out to dinner and somebody else is paying, DO NOT order the most expensive thing.


It's just rude to order a $100 filet mignon when you're not paying for yourself. Even if the person treating is independently wealthy, it will still go a long way for you to not order the absolute most expensive thing on the menu. If the person paying wants to order for you, then it's totally fine that they order the most expensive thing. But you should use discretion when someone invites you out.

3. Always offer to pay...even if you're being treated.


While you shouldn't order the most expensive thing on the menu, you should always offer to pay because it makes you look good. You don't want to seem like a mooch and you also shouldn't always expect someone to pay for you. If they end up taking you up on your offer, that's fine. The person who offered to pay may have not been able to actually afford it; they may have just wanted to impress you.

4. Don't criticize your friend's S.O. if they've done nothing wrong.


Your friend's relationship typically isn't your business unless they ask your opinion or you see that they're being mistreated or abused. As a general rule, try not to pass judgment or trash talk someone's significant other, especially if you've never personally experienced them doing anything that would warrant criticism.

5. You should admit when you're wrong.

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Sometimes we get things wrong. It's just a part of life. Sure, being wrong isn't the best feeling in the world, but being able to admit when you're wrong is a big sign of maturity and will get you respect points in almost every situation.

6. Don't be afraid to ask for help.

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Asking for help on something you're not 100% sure about is the best way to get the right answer. You don't want to try to forge through something that you have no idea how to do. You could end up in an even worse scenario if you refuse to ask for assistance.

7. If you're lucky to still have your mom in your life, call her at least once a week.

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Call your mom. Chances are she misses you, she loves you, and she wants to hear you voice. Give her a ring before she calls you and you'll certainly make her day.

8. Don't text during a date.


Your phone should be on silent and in your pocket during a date. There's nothing ruder than being on your phone and taking attention away from the person you're with. If you're waiting on an important phone call or text, excuse yourself and run to the bathroom and check your phone if you have to remain connected. But simply not responding during a date could mean the difference between booking a second date and not getting a call back.

9. Don't text if you're eating dinner with your family.


This one may be difficult for some, but again, giving your full attention is a super-small gesture that goes a long way. Actually listening and paying attention to your family and how their respective days went, etc., is super important and helps show that you actually care.

10. Never swipe left or right on your friend's camera roll.


You never know what a person's camera roll contains. If you don't want to see compromising photos, make sure that when they're showing you a picture you DON'T swipe right or left. A nude of your friend/coworker/whatever could be one swipe away.

11. Enjoy the moment.

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Looking through your phone isn't the same as seeing something with your own eyes. With today's smartphone-centric society, it can be difficult to put our phones down. But sometimes everyone needs a reminder to put it away and just enjoy the moment.

12. Read more books.

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Reading books helps you expand your vocabulary and grow your imagination, and can give you insight into a perspective you never considered before. There are countless, countless reasons why everyone should read more books, but just know that it actually is fun, and sometimes even better than Netflix. Challenge yourself to read a new book every month if you can.

13. Never show up empty-handed to a dinner party. (At least bring a bottle of wine.)


Even if the host tells you not to bring anything, still bring something. A bottle of wine is a nice "thank you" gift for the host. It doesn't even need to be expensive. A small token of appreciation goes a long way and will ensure you get an invite the next time around.

14. Get rid of those wire hangers.

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Ditch the wire hangers — they're tacky! Opt for cedar wood hangers, because they are affordable and help make your closet look more uniform, neat, and orderly.

Amazon has a set of 22 solid wood hangers (with a non-slip bar included) for $21.99.

15. Get a cast-iron skillet.


You can cook EVERYTHING — from bacon for breakfast, to a juicy steak for dinner, and even a baked cheesy pasta dish — in a cast iron. It truly is a jack-of-all-trades piece of cookware that everyone needs. Once you get one, make sure you learn how to season it properly and it'll last you for years and years.

You can grab a pre-seasoned cast iron skillet from Amazon for $15.99.

16. Wipe down your equipment after you use it at the gym.


This is a rule everyone should follow — clean up after yourself — especially at the gym. You don't want to jump on a machine and find it's soaking wet from someone else's sweat. Be a good neighbor.

17. And finally, if there are a bunch of free urinals/stalls, don't take the one right next to someone else.

Obviously if it's a packed bathroom, use anything that's available, but it's common courtesy to not plop yourself right next to someone else if there are other options open. It's just creepy, and people are pee shy.