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    17 Pictures That Will Be Impossible Not To Smile At

    Let's all collectively say "awwwwwww."

    1. This windy little guy:

    2. This hugger:

    3. This puposal:

    4. And just THIS whole situation:

    5. This stowaway:

    6. Or this new lease on life:

    7. This ocean lover:

    8. And these snuggle buddies:


    10. This doggy paddler:

    11. This guy who really showed his emotions:

    12. And what about this adorable beach bum:

    13. This sweet girl, who's caught a travel bug:

    14. And this guy who just wanted to play:

    15. These hide and seekers:

    16. This incredible adorable slider:

    17. And finally, this chill-ass gal:

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