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Kim Kardashian Went All Out And Blessed Yeezus With A Private NBA-Themed B-Day Party

Guest-starring the Kardashian family, A-Trak, Bieber, John Legend, and many more.

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Yesterday was Kanye West's 38th birthday. #SWISH

And because it's Kanye West, we know that for his birthday he had to do it real big. That's why his wife, Kim Kardashian, rented out the Staples Center (the place where the L.A. Lakers play professional basketball) for his party.

Kanye and a bunch of his friends — WAIT, is that swag lord JUSTIN BIEBER? — played some basketball to celebrate the rapper's special day.

Here are the guys ballin', and Bieber showing off his ball control skills.

Here's Kim and Kanye's special ~solo~ birthday photo with some "cheerleaders."

Although John Legend didn't suit up and play ball he did sing Happy Birthday.

If you noticed above, Kanye's cake is in the form of the NBA finals championship trophy, because Kanye is a champion every day. But, what did he wish for?

Here's the larger group photo. Bieber really swagged and got front and center. We also see Tyga, John Legend, Kris' bf Corey, A-Trak, and a bunch of other friends.

Obviously Kylie was there looking — dare I say — just as amazing as Kim! TWINZ 👯

Needless to say, Khloe was very excited about her brother-in-law's Staples Center party.

Happy birthday Kanye and thank you Kim, for giving us mere mortals birthday party goals to strive for.
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