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    25 Times Kim Kardashian Was The Most Relatable Person

    "Honey, would you put a bumper sticker on a Bentley?"

    1. When you're always right:

    2. When someone tries to question your hunger:

    3. When you love tea:

    4. When you love/hate horoscopes:

    5. When your favorite song comes on:

    6. When you meet a new boy:

    Me: "I met a boy!" Me three days later:


    7. When you overspend:

    E! / Via

    8. When it's comfort > sleep:

    9. When you're extra observant:

    10. When you "got em":

    11. When you just want to be chased:

    12. When you're perceptive:

    13. When you literally KNEW you were right:

    14. When you try to avoid an awkward situation:


    15. When drama runs in your family:

    16. Texting in general:

    17. When your hobby turns into a full blown addiction:

    18. When you have to study, but also need money:

    E! / Via

    19. And then the bills keep adding up:

    20. When you just really didn't study:

    21. When you lie so you get what you want:

    22. When you make a fatal mistake:

    23. When your bank account doesn't agree with your brain:

    24. And when you find out something you believed your whole life was a lie:

    25. When you're addicted to Netflix:

    Special thanks to @KardashianReact.

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