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19 Times John Legend And Chrissy Teigen Proved That They're The Ultimate #RelationshipGoals

Can you believe these two have been together nearly nine years?

This is John and Chrissy. Chances are you know who they are. If you don't, then come along on this 2016 journey of enviable love.

1. When John was out of town this year for the family's holiday photo, so Chrissy adorably improvised.

When your husband is in Paris but you gotta get your Santa on

2. And then the internet just went ahead and made it even better by photoshopping John in.

I made a minor adjustment... @chrissyteigen @johnlegend

3. When John bought Chrissy an entire fucking wheel of cheese! So she could make cheesy pasta whenever she wanted to.

4. When Chrissy posed all ~sexy~ and John tried to keep it cool.

5. I meannnn...the level of hotness is almost overwhelming.

6. And they even found time to welcome precious baby girl Luna into the world.

7. They're literal ~family goals~. It's too much to handle.

8. When Chrissy tried desperately to save her breast milk as she careened down a roller coaster.

9. When John pulled out the big guns and got all of Sesame Street to say hi to baby Luna.

10. When they celebrated the first time they met with this epic TBT alllll the way back in 2007.

11. When they gave even more nostalgia vibes by returning to the place where they filmed John's "All of Me" video.

12. When John served Chrissy fried chicken for Mother's Day.

13. When they gave us all some love and comfort after this year's election.

14. When they both slayed their looks during Grammy season. (Not to mention Chrissy defining pregnancy goals and looking stunning.)

15. This summer, whem they gave us pool-lounge envy while vacationing in the Hamptons.

16. When Chrissy shared this loving moment between John and Luna.

17. When they did the EDC festival in true sexy style, despite how crazy it was.

18. When they gave us ~sexy~ work-from-home envy.

19. And surely they'll have a tough time trying to out-cute themselves in 2017, but I believe we're in store for more!

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