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Jaden Smith Didn't Disappoint With His Batman Prom Outfit

The Bright Knight.

Jaden Smith, one of America's most interesting teens, attended the prom this past weekend.

Before he and his beautiful date made it to the actual event, they posed for some pictures.

But wait...what's that?! That...tail poking out from his jacket.

Jaden couldn't stand keeping his alter ego at bay. And that suit jacket couldn't fool us either. He went to the prom dressed as Batman!

You may remember that Jaden Smith's Batman made an appearance at Kim and Kanye's wedding last year.

Jaden's Batman isn't shy of the limelight.

But this Batman was prom appropriate. No mask.

Here it is in its full glory. Sans tie and suit jacket.

Batman was fully unleashed once the couple arrived at prom.

Big props to Jaden Smith for always keeping it unique, fun, and staying true to himself. Fight on, caped crusader!