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    18 Photos That Will Bring Tears To Anyone Over 25's Eyes

    You ready for a time warp?

    1. First things first, you definitely remember this step stool in the library:

    2. And you remember computers when they looked like this:

    3. Playing with that mouse ball was life:

    4. And learning your multiplication tables with this thing:

    5. Or counting with these:

    6. You absolutely remember these pencils with the cartridges:

    7. And when you didn't have those, you chewed these up:

    8. Remember sharpening pencils to nubs with this thing:

    9. Paper claws were everything:

    10. And you were so proud to carry your lunch in this:

    11. But if you didn't bring your lunch, pizza days were life:

    12. Remember having to wear these filthy things during gym:

    13. And sliding everywhere on these things:

    14. When the TV cart was rolled out it was the best day ever.

    15. And you know all your books were wrapped like this:

    16. The lights went out and this thing went on:

    17. The Scholastic Book Fair was TOO lit:

    18. And at the end of the day, you remember throwing your chair up on your desk like this: