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    Posted on Jun 21, 2017

    18 Things Every Guy Should Know Before Attending A Wedding

    Whatever you do, don't lock your knees.

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    1. Don't wear brand-new shoes the day of the wedding.

    Don't just throw on a pair of shoes out of the box. You'll want to make sure they're fully broken in before you attend the actual wedding. That's because new shoes can often be stiff and uncomfortable. If you have to be on your feet for a while (and let's face it, you will be), then make sure you're at your most optimal and that your toes aren't screaming in pain.

    2. At the same time, prevent your shoes from slipping all over the place.


    Slippery formal shoes can also spell disaster, especially when walking down the aisle or working it on the dance floor. To fix this, grab some sandpaper ahead of the event and rub down the soles of your shoes. That should get rid of the issue and allow your toes to get some grip. One word of advice: Make sure you don't sand too much, because you don't want to destroy the soles of your shoes.

    3. Don't lock your knees for too long.


    I know this is going to sound a little weird, but hear me out. Don't lock your knees for an extended amount of time at a wedding. I have a friend who told me he fainted at a wedding recently because he locked his knees for too long while standing.

    Let's face it, you're going to be standing up a lot, and probably for a long time. Some people have a tendency to lock their knees for balance and stabilization. This is bad for you because, according to Dr. Richard Nicholas from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, "the low rate of blood return to the heart in these situations results in hypo-perfusion of the brain and at times the fainting spell. Standing at attention, or with one’s knees locked, may amplify the process."

    So with that said, don't force the muscles in your legs to stay in one position, and be mindful of how you're standing to prevent a disaster.

    4. Know what the dress code is ahead of time.

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    Knowing the dress code can save you from embarrassment and over- or under-dressing. Imagine showing up to a casual wedding in full-out formal gear or vice versa. The invitation will note specifically what the attire should be — make sure to take heed.

    5. And with that said, also know exactly what black tie means.

    If the wedding you’re going to happens to be very formal, take note of what exactly is specified and don't forget all the extras — like your vest, cufflinks, or shirt studs — when you pack.

    6. Know how to tie a bow tie.

    View this video on YouTube

    Knowing how to tie a bow tie is a great skill regardless of whether you're going to a wedding or not. Click the video above and pay attention.

    7. Bring a handkerchief.


    Chances are someone in your vicinity will cry (including yourself). Offer your pocket square in true gentleman style and you'll be thanked and remembered. It's also a convenient way to wipe the sweat from your brow if you're nervous or hot.

    8. Get your suit tailored.

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    If you're wearing a suit that you already own, make sure it's tailored specifically to fit your body. It's cheaper than buying a new suit and can also make an inexpensive suit look like a million bucks.

    9. Rent instead of buy if you're on a budget.

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    If you don’t want to shell out the extra cash for an actual suit or tux, then consider renting. You won't have the luxury of tailoring, but you'll definitely save some dough.

    10. Know which colors go well together.

    This one's pretty self-explanatory, but pay attention to which colors go with which so you'll look your best. Also don't be afraid of seersucker or linen during the summer seasons, because it'll keep you cool and help you stand out from the crowd, too.

    11. Make sure your shirt stays tucked in.

    There are a ton of strategies to keep your shirt tucked in, but if you want something simple and easy, try these elastic suspenders that will make sure your shirt stays in all night long.

    Grab these from Amazon for $10.99 and use them whenever you have to tuck your shirt in.

    12. Know what to do when you don't know anyone besides your date.

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    If you end up being a plus-one and you only know your date, don’t worry. Chances are you won't be the only person in the same situation. Get a little liquid courage and strike up a conversation with someone. By doing this you'll either have a friend for the night or a friend for life. That's the thing about weddings: The environment is open, full of love, and everyone is there for the same reason— to celebrate the happy couple. This isn’t the time to hug the wall or stay to yourself. Put yourself out there and you’ll end up having much better time than if you had stayed quiet.

    If you need help on how to make small talk, try some of these conversation starters.

    TL;DR: Small talk is important AF at weddings. Get good at it.

    13. Beware of the open bar.


    You will be remembered if you get wasted at the wedding, and probably not in a good way. So try your best to take it easy on the alcohol and don't booze too much.

    Also, it goes without saying that if someone chooses to have a dry wedding, you should respect their wishes.

    14. Remember people's names.


    Force yourself to remember names. It's important and it makes people feel special. If you have to, turn it into a game. Get them to say it more than once, spell it out, or say it a couple times in your head so it sticks. Here's a pretty detailed guide to help you get it down.

    15. Know how to give a proper toast.

    Giving a toast is pretty much standard at a wedding, especially if you're close to the couple. Typical weddings have more than one toast, too, so be prepared in the event that you have to give an impromptu tribute.

    16. Keep yourself dry.

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    Keeping yourself dry is important, especially if you're going to be boogying on the dance floor or even outside on a hot day for the actual ceremony. Stress and running into acquaintances can also be a factor when it comes to sweaty body parts. So make sure you're prepared.

    Remember that you will probably be hugging a lot of people and taking a bunch of pictures, too. So save yourself some awkwardness by taking a few extra steps:

    * Definitely wear an undershirt.

    * Invest in Sweatex pads, from Amazon for $4.99, if you're a heavy sweater and don't want pit stains.

    * SweatBlock makes clinical antiperspirant wipes ($18.99 from Amazon, for a pack of eight) that you can use the night before and day of to reduce heavy sweating.

    * Stay hydrated.

    17. Stick to the registry... But in lieu of the registry, consider gifting an activity or service instead of something random.

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    The registry exists for a reason. It's what the couple wants, so get them something off of that list. Don’t wait until the last minute either, because the most inexpensive things will definitely go fast. A general rule to stick by is that your gift should equal the cost of the dinner at the reception, which is usually between $60 and $150 depending on how fancy the affair is. If you missed your chance and the registry is closed, consider gifting a couples spa day, donating to a charity in their name, or some other meaningful activity or service that they can enjoy together.

    18. And learn how to dance.


    Whether you want to or not, you will have to dance at a wedding. Don't be too shy or afraid of "getting down" to miss out on a pivotal part of every wedding. If you really, really have two left feet, then check out this video and practice these five moves — you'll be movin' and shakin' in no time.