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21 Amazingly Colorful Foods That Are Almost Too Beautiful To Eat

Taste the rainbow.

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1. You can literally taste the rainbow with this salad:

Instagram: @allysongesch

2. Sometimes it's easy to forget that they exist outside of the sky:

Instagram: @unicornsuperfoods

6. What about this deliciously healthy plate:

Instagram: @elavegan

7. And these cute "rainbow" rolls:

Instagram: @rawnice

8. These colorful treats need to get in my belly:

Instagram: @unicorn_things_in_life

9. This vibrant candy floss has my mouth watering:

Instagram: @kelly_lorna

10. Perhaps you've heard of the hugely popular rainbow bagel:

Instagram: @popofprosecco

12. Or this simple but beautiful toast:

Instagram: @rawpublic_

14. And THIS:

(It's a vegan cauliflower burger.)
Instagram: @bjonr

(It's a vegan cauliflower burger.)

15. The prettiest crêpe cake around:

Instagram: @tableforoneny

16. Who knew drinks could be ~rainbow~ too:

Instagram: @thegoodsort

21. I don't know what this is, but I want it:

Instagram: @healthyfood4living

22. And finally, this is the most beautiful, colorful vegan dinner ever.

Instagram: @unicornsuperfoods

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