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    Updated on Oct 22, 2019. Posted on Oct 15, 2017

    21 Amazingly Colorful Foods That Are Almost Too Beautiful To Eat

    Taste the rainbow.

    1. You can literally taste the rainbow with this salad:

    2. Sometimes it's easy to forget that they exist outside of the sky:

    3. Like this sandwich:

    4. And these summer rolls:

    5. This rainbow PIZZA:

    6. What about this deliciously healthy plate:

    7. And these cute "rainbow" rolls:

    8. These colorful treats need to get in my belly:

    9. This vibrant candy floss has my mouth watering:

    10. Perhaps you've heard of the hugely popular rainbow bagel:

    11. What about this "ice yogurt":

    12. Or this simple but beautiful toast:

    13. These wraps, omg:

    14. And THIS:

    Instagram: @bjonr

    (It's a vegan cauliflower burger.)

    15. The prettiest crêpe cake around:

    16. Who knew drinks could be ~rainbow~ too:

    17. Beautiful:

    18. Healthy but bright:

    19. Yum fruity pebble trees:

    20. Mmmmmm:

    21. I don't know what this is, but I want it:

    22. And finally, this is the most beautiful, colorful vegan dinner ever.