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    17 Crimes Against Eggs That'll Make You Wanna Call The Cops

    These'll make you crack.

    1. Let's start with these college eggs:

    2. Um...:

    3. I'M SORRY:

    4. These pickled eggs:

    5. These blue eggs don't whet my appetite:

    6. Hot Cheetos + eggs = hmmmmm:

    7. Then there's this egg soda:

    8. Sorry:

    9. I...guys, I don't know:

    10. What is happening here:

    11. THIS monstrosity:

    12. This purple egg thing:

    13. This....?

    14. This "egg salad":

    15. These poor chickies:

    16. Believe it or not, these are in fact scrambled eggs:

    17. And finally, this egg on a stick: