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This Comedian Wants You To Pay His Rent

Just because.

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And now, comedian Moshe Kasher is launched a new project petitioning the Internet to help pay his RENT.

This is by far the hardest thing I have ever had to post.But Im not sure what else to do. Asking for your support.


Unfortunately ... he's already run into some, problems with his rewards for help. Originally, if you paid for his whole rent, it's safe to assume he would "fuck" you. But it's since been changed to "make love."

OK there have been some problems with the top reward level of my gofundme, rent project. #Censorship check in soon.

The campaign has only been active for one day and it's already hilariously raised $254. Only time will tell if this project actually gets funded, but let's hope for the sake of humanity that it doesn't.