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    Christina Aguilera Reveals A Fresh Face On The April Cover Of PAPER Magazine

    Bold and raw...we stan this new Aguilera era.

    Everyone's favorite Genie in a Bottle, Christina Aguilera seems to be gearing up for her long-awaited comeback:


    She was just on RuPaul's Drag Race last week!

    And the hits keep coming because today it was announced that the "Dirrty" singer is PAPER magazine's April cover star.

    On the cover, Christina showed off a fresh-faced look that we've rarely seen from her...Guys, holy shit she looks SO STUNNING and gorgeous:

    Ready for @xtina's #Transformation? #XtinaPAPER

    OMG we've gotta see that again and all swoon, WHOOOOAAAAAA:

    Paper Magazine / Via

    We're obsessed with this fresh-faced Xtina, I mean c'mon, those freckles...GORGINA:

    Zoey Grossman / Paper Magazine / Via

    Our bodies are SO READY for this new era of Aguilera:

    Zoey Grossman / Paper Magazine / Via

    For the full article, head over to PAPER.

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