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Chrissy Teigen Takes Instagram Beef To A New Level By Exposing Husband, John Legend's Booty

Teigen 2; Instagram: 0

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John Legend and wife, Chrissy Teigen are currently enjoying some time at Paris fashion week.

The adorable couple has been attending their fair share of fashion shows and parties. It's really an exhausting lifestyle, obviously.

But, Chrissy —who recently went to war with Instagram over a racy photo which exposed her nipple— took a break from her hectic schedule to stick it to the man.

Wait, what?

Chrissy didn't have anything to say in terms of a caption for the photo, she simply tagged Instagram, throwing the most subtle bit of shade. 🌚

Oh, hi, John!

Chrissy Teigen / Via

After presumably getting ready for the next event, Chrissy later posted another snapshot of the couple, this time fully clothed.

Seriously though, what's going on this week? First, Bieber #freedthebooty, now John, who's next?!

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